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College Counseling Mission, Beliefs & Commitments


As advocates for our students’ finding their best fit, we work in partnership with our community to affirm and support TASIS England’s mission, commitments and outcomes toward life-long learning. In doing so, we strive to embolden students to make choices that positively enhance their own well-being and that of others, now and for the future.

Our Beliefs:

For Students

  • All students, with support and counseling, can take ownership of the post-secondary research to find the right fit and destination upon graduation from TASIS England based on their wants, needs, and abilities.

  • Students are able to speak openly and candidly with their counselor, understanding our work together is confidential.

  • Students are heard, acknowledged, and understood.

For College Counselors

  • A four-year college counseling program challenges students to explore options while also providing the skill set to complete and understand the post-secondary process.

  • An international college counseling program highlights the multitude of options available to students in different countries and contexts.

  • College Counselors work as a team to support one another and their students in the delivery of content and individual counseling across Grades 9-12.

For Families

  • The College Counselors, students, and families work collaboratively to support the post-secondary research and application process, preparing the student for their individual journey.  

Our Commitments:

We believe that this process is about self-discovery and growth, and we are excited to work with each student as they navigate their way along this momentous journey. Our guiding principle is much like that of a good teacher: meet the student where they are. The TASIS England post-secondary journey is guided by our commitment to:


  • We know that each student has a different path and abilities. We do not expect students to follow the same course.


  • Some students will engage with our team from the first day of freshman year and seek input on a regular basis. A few may find they are not ready for the college process at all and choose an alternate post-secondary option such as a gap year or volunteer experience. We will be here when they are ready.


  • The College Counseling Office at TASIS England builds its program around the individual. We believe that the post-secondary process begins and ends with the student.

  • The College Counselors will provide students with tools and skills to reflect their beliefs and talents and help them choose the path that suits them best.

As a former student, Marine Corp Veteran, college graduate in biology and chemistry, I recommend TASIS to anyone looking to give their child the BEST education.

TASIS Alumnus