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Career Counseling

As a part of the TASIS College and Careers Guidance Course, our students take a personality and skills exam called the Morrisby Online Careers Guidance Assessment.

The Morrisby Online Assessment is a career guidance tool that helps students to identify potential career paths and make informed decisions about their study options.

Participating students take a 100-minute online assessment and questionnaire that measures a variety of elements including career interests, work attitudes, talents, and motivations. Once the assessment is complete, students will have access to personally tailored career and education suggestions, plus a wealth of career-related resources.

After sitting for the assessment, each student receives:

  • A personalized, 25+ page candidate report which is available to view and download online.
  • Lifetime access to the Morrisby careers and education resource website. 
  • Access to a personal area on the website containing all their results, analyses, and reports coupled with career and route planning tools and information.

Additionally, each student who sits for the assessment will be asked to collect their report from a College Counselor and have a one-to-one session to help interpret their results.

We believe the Morrisby is an important tool in our kit to aid students in the college selection and career guidance process and are thrilled to have it as part of our College and Careers Guidance Course.

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