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University & College Counseling

TASIS England students come from schools around the globe and our graduates leave to attend the best-fit universities in the US, the UK, and worldwide. Our four-year College Counseling curriculum for our senior (Upper School) students provides them with individual support as they move forward with their education.

Why is college and university counseling for senior school students important?

In the College Counseling office, we are proud of the diversity of our students and that is reflected in the variety of our university list. As we work with and guide each student, we understand that there are many pathways toward their personal goals, whatever they may be.

Our international college counseling program showcases the multitude of options available to our students. Whether they are an American student wanting to go to university in the UK, an international student looking to attend an American college, interested in moving abroad, or returning to their home country, we help each graduate achieve their dream.

The Counseling team serves as a liaison between the students and universities. They provide guidance on choosing courses based on each student’s career goals, aspirations, and talents. The team also assists students in the management of the application process and financial aid details.

No matter what path each TASIS England student takes in the future, they ultimately leave our School as compassionate, hard-working individuals with a passion for life-long learning.  

College Counseling: Providing the Help You Need

At TASIS England, we know that every learner is unique. For our globally minded students, there is a seemingly infinite amount of post-secondary options available around the world.

We guide each student with tailored support and counseling so that they can research and find the right fit based on their passions, needs, and skills. The program is designed to provide them with the skills and tools to help them choose the best path toward further education and their careers. Our team is passionate about assisting students as they navigate their way through this journey of self-discovery and growth.

What do we offer? 

Beyond the national rankings that report the “best” universities is the reality that each person's collegiate experience is personal and unique. Finding the “best” university requires honest self-reflection, as it means something different for each student. Our college and career counseling program empowers our high school students by giving them the information and support they need to make the right decisions.


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