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Upper School Uniform Policy

The TASIS crest on our uniform represents the values and ideals of our School. More than a dress code, the uniform gives our community a sense of identity as we all work together to live our mission. It supports our focus on learning, encourages responsible attitudes towards personal appearance, and instills a sense of pride in everyone wearing our crest.

Out of respect for themselves and others in the TASIS England community, all Upper School students are expected to dress according to the uniform guidelines during the academic day from 8:10 a.m. to 3:20 p.m. In addition, boarding students are to come to breakfast dressed in uniform or ready for their first period class.

Students are required to buy all TASIS-crested clothing and items from the designated TASIS uniform shop or through used uniform sales. Trousers and skirts can be purchased from other vendors provided that they comply with the length, color, and style guidelines. Skirts can also be purchased from the TASIS uniform vendor.

Uniform Guidelines

Please use the button below to download a PDF detailing the full policy, including the item-specific guidelines and clarification of common uniform misinterpretations.