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Advanced Placement Courses

Worldwide University Preparation

The Advanced Placement (AP) courses offer qualified students the opportunity to take college-level courses in a high school setting. More than 90% of US colleges and universities give credit and advanced placement to AP students who received a grade of 3 or above on the exams. Many US colleges and universities offer sophomore standing to students who have a sufficient number of qualifying grades. In the UK, universities view exam results as similar to British A-level results; consequently, students who succeed on three or more AP exams are well prepared for entry into UK universities.

Advanced Placement (AP) Program Overview
Most students may not take more than three AP classes during one school year. Students must have a B+ average in the prerequisite course and/or the permission of the Department Head in order to register for an Advanced Placement course.

AP Excellence  

The College Board, the parent organization of the AP Program, has commended TASIS England for its strong exam results. Year on year, the TASIS pass rate typically falls between 85 and 90%. In 2023, 174 Upper School students took a total of 414 AP exams in 23 subjects. The mean score achieved was 4 (out of a maximum of 5), and 90% of our AP candidates achieved a score of 3 or higher and qualified to receive college credits. Both the average score and the impressive pass rate are significantly higher than the global results.  

AP courses offer students an intensive academic experience as well as the flexibility and freedom to focus on their strengths. In addition, the AP International Diploma is available as an option for students applying to universities outside the United States. 

To find out more about the AP Program, visit the College Board website.