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Middle School at TASIS England

Helping Your Child Find Their Voice

TASIS England Middle School: A time of personal growth and expanding horizons

Welcome to TASIS England Middle School!

Middle School is a time of great transition, with many opportunities for learning ready to be explored. At TASIS England, we understand this stage in our students’ learning journey; therefore, our goal is to establish the ideal conditions that guarantee your child begins each day of school ready. Ready to grasp the rich educational opportunities we have to offer, ensuring that they find success.

Middle School is where we nurture curiosity, challenge our students to embrace service and to celebrate our international mindedness. We do this in an atmosphere where personal growth is fostered through the intentional provision of multiple pathways to success, an environment that engages and intrigues, and a community that connects and collaborates in diverse ways. Within an ever-changing world, we know that the experiences we offer must include the development of skills, inculcate attitudes that promote creative enterprise, and ignite and sustain their passions and interests.

Head of Middle School walking with students

Our focus is your child’s holistic development, thus placing your child at the center of our planning. So, there will be freedom to learn from mistakes. A safe space to learn and take risks, to make friends and have choices. A learning space where “what we learn” is as important as “how we learn.” An environment where students have a voice and their agency is fostered. We have high expectations for students, and for our teachers too.

Our teachers are committed to providing an atmosphere of high-quality learning that is differentiated, stimulating, and responsive to ensure that your child is supported, challenged, engaged, safe, and healthy. Finally, we are educating learners to be agile, resilient, and academically inquisitive. They should question or challenge, inquire or investigate, justify or advocate, argue or negotiate, depending on the situation.

We look forward to working together as a global community of learners, finding joy in the journey, and keeping our students at the center of all that we do. 

Dr. Megel R. Barker
Head of Middle School

TE Middle School Handbook 2023-24

TE Middle School Academic Program 2023-24

TE Middle School PE Handbook 2023-24

My children are thriving in the Middle and Upper Schools at TASIS, and we couldn't be happier after 5 years at the school. We so appreciate the welcoming and diverse community and the nurturing academic and social climate which allows the children to take risks and stretch themselves in a safe and supportive learning environment. We feel privileged to be part of the TASIS community.

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