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Lower School at TASIS

The Journey Starts Here

TASIS England Lower School: committed to educating the whole child

The Lower School program focuses not only on the academic, but also on the creative, moral, and physical development of children. The curriculum is both traditional and innovative and is supplemented by a variety of social and cultural activities. Through all its programs, TASIS endorses an enthusiasm for life, for learning, and for individual growth within a purposeful community.

Our Lower School students experience an excellent American-based curriculum that is traditional yet innovative, has been put together with care, and is delivered with joy. Our campus in leafy Surrey, England, is an inviting place to learn, play, and grow.

From the classroom to the art studio, from the playground to our very own “secret” garden, our teachers provide their students with engaging lessons and outdoor learning experiences that stimulate their natural curiosity and desire to learn. Through our weekly Assembly and Student Council programs, we emphasize service leadership and encourage students to use their voice, take action, and make our School and their world a better place. 

TASIS is a special place and we invite you to join us.

Spotlight on Lower School Science

Children are captivated and delighted by the adventures of discovering science. Guided by a science specialist, our lower school students learn to examine and observe, as they begin to form an understanding of the natural world through inquiry. As students explore new concepts, they are challenged to make predictions and carry out investigations.

Classroom teachers work alongside the science specialist to help students develop foundational laboratory skills as they learn how to use equipment, take measurements, make estimations, and record observations. The significance of science is integrated into mathematics, social studies, reading, and writing lessons, through class discussions on data, historical scientific advances, science biographies, and technical writing.



We believe TASIS England is a great school and are so grateful for the 1 1/2 years we were there. Having had kids in Lower School and in Middle school, our girls especially thrived in the small, nurturing environment. 

TASIS England Parent

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