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Travel Program

Fun and learning beyond the classroom

TASIS England offers a variety of trips to supplement our challenging and exciting summer courses. Many students find it motivating to take a hands-on approach and enhance their studies with real-life experiences. The School’s ideal location near London gives the students unmissable opportunities to experience the culture that it has to offer.

As well as participating in field trips designed to complement their learning, students can choose from a wonderful variety of weekend excursions into London and the UK countryside. West End theatre shows, visits to historic sites and tourist attractions, shopping trips, and fun activities are all on offer.

As they explore new places, our students make new connections and grow in confidence. Teachers and counselors accompany the groups to ensure that all trips and activities are both fun and safe.

The list below represents trips and excursions typically offered. Destinations may change, depending on interest and availability.

Benefits of the Travel Summer Program

Learning happens all the time, not just inside the classroom. And travel is an important part of the Summer Program at TASIS England. These trips give students the chance to witness the world in action and expand their learning. There is also a significant social aspect, as classmates bond and forge new friendships.

These trips and excursions are an excellent way to enable students to explore the world around them, and learn more about themselves and each other in the process. Our commitment to nurturing intellectual curiosity helps to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities of the future.