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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my child be met at the airport when they arrive?

Students who arrive on their own by plane the day the program begins will be met by a TASIS representative in arrivals, provided they have sent us flight details in advance and are arriving between 8am and 5pm at either Heathrow or Gatwick airports.

What about departure?

On the published departure dates for each session students travelling alone will be taken to Heathrow or Gatwick airports for check-in and will be helped with these procedures. We ask that student's flights are booked between 8am and 5pm.

How do we know if our child has arrived on campus safely?

Students are permitted to bring a cell phone with them and are encouraged to contact their parents on arrival. If you cannot contact your child please email

Can my child arrive late to the program?

While it is not encouraged as we find students who arrive late to the program have more trouble adjusting, we do permit students to arrive 1 or 2 days late to the program if they have prior commitments.

Do students hand in their money and passports on their arrival?

Yes. The TASIS Administrators keep the student's passports and our business office looks after the student's pocket money. They can then withdraw pocket money each week.

Do students need to bring their own laptops?

TASIS runs a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Summer Program. Students must bring their own laptops for their courses.

How much pocket money do they need?

We recommend £100 a week for pocket money. We will not allow a student to withdraw more than £100 a week without written permission from a parent or guardian.

How are children roomed? Can friends room together?

Children are roomed with students in their own age group and are housed in separate boys and girls dormitories with 2-6 students in a room. As TASIS welcomes students from around the world, we do not allow siblings or friends to room together. Part of the TASIS experience is to mix students from different cultures, which is an enjoyable part of the learning experience.

Do you let children who speak the same first language room together?

No, we separate children who speak the same languages wherever possible.

If my child is in your English Language Program can he or she be moved to a different level if the class is too easy or too difficult?

We give placement tests upon arrival, but some movement between levels may happen during the first week when they are observed by our Director of English Language.

How can I remain in contact with my child?

We do allow students to keep their cell phone with them during the program but these cannot be used during class, sports, study hall, the school dining room, or after lights out at night. We do not encourage frequent phone calls or visits as these may stir up feelings of home-sickness and hinder the student from making friends and fully embracing the program.

How many excursions will my child be able to take part in each week?

Students are able to go on an excursion on Friday evenings and during the day on Saturday and Sundays each weekend. The options for each weekend are announced each week during the program and students can then sign up. While we do try to ensure students get their first choice of trip this is not always possible. If a student is not on their first choice one weekend we will try to make sure they are on the following weekend.

Do you cater for special diets?

The food at TASIS is varied, and all meat, wheat and lactose dishes are labeled. Every meal features a meat-free dish for vegetarians and a salad bar with fresh vegetables. If your student has a particular food allergy intolerance please make sure you let the admissions office know in advance.

What if my child gets sick?

The Health Center on campus has nurses on duty 24 hours a day. We also have a hospital only minutes away from the school. More information on medications etc is included in our Medical form, which is part of our admissions process.

Does TASIS have a laundry service?

Yes and this is available at no extra cost. Please ensure your children's clothing is labeled with their full name.

What happens if my child needs to leave the program early?

We will arrange a taxi to take your child at an additional cost. If they are going home by plane the driver will assist with the check in procedure if requested (there will be an extra charge for this).

Can you provide accommodation if my child arrives early or stays late?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide accommodation before the starting date of the program or after 5pm on the closing date of the program.

If you have any other questions relating to the program please do not hesitate to contact the Summer Admissions office on