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Courses & Programs

Faculty members in the TASIS England Summer Programs are experienced, professional educators. In the English Language program, teachers usually hold recognized British or American teaching qualifications. Our teachers are carefully chosen for the quality of their degrees or their relevant work experience as well as for their energy and enthusiasm for working with young people. 

Small classes provide personalized instruction and individual attention for each student. The friendly interaction of staff and students greatly enriches the experience and creates an environment of mutual respect. 

The Academic Day 
Students choose one main course and one elective course for each three-week session they spend at TASIS. Main course classes meet for 12.5 hours per week while elective classes meet for four hours and ten minutes per week. All students are assigned 5-6 hours of homework each week for completion during the study period.

Credit Course
For a course eligible for credit, TASIS provides qualifying students with a Certificate of Credit, which indicates that the amount and quality of the work done is deemed credit-worthy by TASIS England. However, credit is awarded by the student's school, and students must confirm all credit arrangements with the academic office at their own school prior to enrollment. 

Grade Reports
Grade reports and a summary of the work covered will be sent at the end of each session. Six-week academic students will receive their reports at the end of the first three-week period, and the final grade will be sent after the second session. 


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