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Summer Program

Experience an Unforgettable Summer in England

The TASIS England Summer Program is widely recognized for the quality and strength of our academic, sports, and travel programs. But more importantly, we’re also known for our caring and structured community, where young people from over 40 countries and a range of backgrounds learn, live, and grow together.

Each year, we welcome students to our  School’s beautiful 46-acre Surrey campus near London for a unique and educational summer in England. Along with a diverse range of courses, our renowned summer boarding experience offers exciting sports, activities, and travel opportunities. Young people from around the world forge new friendships and create lasting memories as they participate in a program that builds confidence and creativity.

2024 Dates

Our summer school program in the UK attracts students ages 11-17 who seek adventure and wish to develop new perspectives. A summer at TASIS England is an unforgettable one, and we look forward to welcoming students to one or both of our sessions:


First Session:

Monday, June 24 - Saturday, July 13 £5,300

Second Session:

Monday, July 15  - Saturday, August 3  £5,300

Both Sessions:

Monday, June 24 - Saturday, August 3 £9,800


Students choose one main course and one elective course for each three-week session they spend at TASIS and classes take place Monday to Friday. Weekends are a time to choose your adventure. Whether you experience the ancient mysteries of Stonehenge, ride a roller coaster, go paintballing, or discover London, the choice will be yours.

General Information

Our summer school students flourish in the happy yet challenging environment of our multi-cultural boarding program. The TASIS England Summer Program offers the perfect balance of academic courses and engaging activities and the days are structured, busy, and fun. As well as lessons, sports and activities take place on our expansive campus every weekday afternoon. After the evening study period, students enjoy free time and entertaining social events.

Because the School is located near to the capital city of London, they also benefit from regular trips to the theater, museums, art galleries, and other fun and historic sites in the city and the surrounding countryside. Weekends are the time for adventure. Our travel program enables students to explore the ancient mysteries of Stonehenge, ride a roller coaster, go paintballing, or discover London – the choice will be theirs.

Exposure to new experiences is at the heart of education. Our Summer Program is designed to create a happy, community-centered environment in which students from around the world learn new skills, develop new friendships, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

TASIS runs a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Summer Program.
Students must bring their own laptops for their courses.

Summer Program Course Offerings

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our Summer Program students arrive on their own and it’s important for parents and caregivers to know they are safe and welcomed. You will also have questions about typical day-to-day matters.

Find out here about travel logistics, pocket money, dietary requirements, and more.

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Students choose one main course and one elective course for each three-week session they spend at the TASIS England Summer Program. Classes take place Monday to Friday. A wide range of academic and creative courses are on offer, from 3D Design to Sports Science, Performing Arts to STEM. In addition, our British Council accredited English Language classes are offered at six levels. Our students can pursue an interest, hone their leadership skills, or improve their English. Learning in the classroom is often complemented by field trips.

Summer Boarding

At TASIS England, we understand that every student is on their own unique learning journey. Our summer boarding program offers the perfect time for students to explore their interests and develop confidence and creativity. Students live, learn, and socialize through the many activities held on our stunning 46-acre campus, while building connections and collaborating with others in our international community. For information on our whole school boarding program please see our section on boarding - Boarding at TASIS England

Why Join the TASIS England Summer Program?


Live on an international school campus 

The TASIS England Summer Program takes place on an established international school campus. Students can take advantage of the many benefits of our sprawling 46-acre campus and stay in boarding houses with excellent dining areas, student lounges, sports facilities, outdoor spaces, and a health center.  


Explore all the United Kingdom has to offer

Our ideal location makes it easy for students to visit the most iconic sites in London and surrounding areas in the UK. There are opportunities for travel within specific courses and everyone travels on weekends. Experience the ancient mysteries of Stonehenge, ride a roller coaster, or explore a new city.


Start building their resume for university and for life

Students choose two courses, a main and an elective, from a wide range of offerings. In that way, they can pursue their passions and try something new. Each student will receive a grade report for every class so they can demonstrate newly acquired knowledge and skills to universities.


Make life-long friendships with students from all over the world

Every year, students from more than 40 countries around the world come to experience our UK summer program. Students will meet new friends in their dorms and during classes, sports, and excursions. They will have the opportunity to share their culture and learn from others about their background and traditions. 

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