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Education For Life

JJ, Class of 2019, recalls how TASIS taught him that it’s more important to learn from mistakes than succeed all the time.

Caring Teachers & Small Classes
Allegra, TASIS student Grade 11, discusses how small class sizes at TASIS (15 students max), creates a far more caring atmosphere.

From Boarding to University

Ali, Class of 2019, describes how boarding has helped her gain independence which will make the transition to university much smoother.

Lower School - Chloe

Libby, Chloe's mom, explains why she chose TASIS England for her daughter after looking at different schools.

Del Internado a la Universidad

Passion For Learning
International Baccalaureate
College Counseling

Ali, Class of 2019, explains how TASIS College Counselling helped guide her down the right path and identify which University was the best fit. 

Support, Change & Growth

Soham, Class of 2019, explains how TASIS encouraged his love of reading and learning and enabled him to grow into the person he is today.

My Wonderful Years in Lower School

Soham, Class of 2019, recalls his experience at TASIS Lower School and how his teachers had a massive impact on his education and development.


Daniel, an Upper School student, talks about the leadership opportunities the students can experience in our school.

Boarding Life
Sense of Community

Soham, Class of 2019, believes there’s no other place on the planet that offers a mix of academics, athletics, location and a strong sense of community.

International Mindset

Allegra, TASIS student Grade 11, discusses the international mindset at TASIS. With students from all over the world working and living together.

Middle School - CHUNG SZE

Chung Sze is a Middle School student who is passionate about piano, violin and cheerleading.

LS - Gabriel & Mariano
Gabriel & Mariano are brothers and love TASIS England Lower School. Find out why their mom, Eisel, chose our school for her children.
AP (Advanced Placement)
Explore your Passions
A Global Student
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