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Upper School Overnight Field Trips


Environmental Science Field Studies Devon

Environmental Science Field Studies Devon 

Students who take AP Biology or IB Environmental Science will travel by coach to Slapton Ley Kingsbridge, Devon. They will stay in the purpose built field studies centre.  During this trip students will benefit from the expert tuition and will thoroughly enjoy learning about ecosystems whilst being immersed in the environment.

Ecosystems and sampling: Rocky Shore
Students will be encouraged to explore the diversity within an inspiring habitat. They will attempt to classify the organisms found using the hierarchical system of classification and consider the history of classification and taxonomy, and the three-domain vs five kingdom models. Students will use a variety of techniques to assess abundance and distribution of organisms in the rocky shore ecosystem. Students will use standard deviation and students t-test to analyse data collected during the day, and calculate survivorship curves from a population of one species found on the rocky shore.

Changes in ecosystems: Succession on Slapton Sands Shingle Ridge
Students will introduced to the theory of succession and see first-hand how succession progresses in a vegetated shingle ecosystem. Students will investigate the change in plant communities in relation to changes in environmental factors such as wind speed, soil depth, soil moisture and identify adaptations that are common to each community and allow that community to thrive. In the evening, students will use Spearman’s Rank correlation coefficient to test their data for correlations between biotic and abiotic factors on the shingle ridge. Using community data, students will also be able to look at the role of intra and interspecific competition at all stages along the transect.

Energy transfer through ecosystems: Slapton Wood Stream
Students will sample two microhabitats in Slapton Wood Stream, measuring the abundance of different organisms in each. Students will use this data to test if there is association between trophic level and micro-habitat using the chi-squared statistical test. They will also identify specific adaptations and consider how these enable different species to survive in a particular microhabitats.Students will then use their primary data to construct pyramids of number, biomass and energy for the stream ecosystem. They will use these to consider the efficiency of energy transfer.

Dates of Travel

Thursday, 13 September – Sunday, 16 September 2018

Trip Price
GBP 360

To find out more about Environmental Science Field Studies trip, please get in contact with Ms. Marguerite Bowden.

ISTA IB Theatre Festival London

ISTA IB Theatre Festival London 

Each October the IB Theatre students head to London for a three day festival hosted by the International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA). It is an amazing opportunity for students to fine tune their skills, be exposed to Theatre Practitioners from all over the world, experience Master Classes, work intensively within an ensemble and see two West End shows. In the 2017-18 school year we saw Wings at The Old Vic and an amazing modern adaptation of Chekhov's The Seagull. 

Dates of Travel
Monday, 8 October – Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Trip Price
Appr. GBP 200

To find out more about the ISTA IB Theatre Festival trip, please get in contact with Ms. Nikki Holdaway.

Day Trip To Ypres

Day Trip to Ypres, Belgium 

In November 2018 it will be 100 years since the end of World War One, "the war to end all wars". Historians will tell you that WW1 fundamentally changed the world socially, politically, economically, for women and in the way that people viewed their leaders and place in the world. Roughly 11,500,000 people were killed on the battlefields of western Europe alone. Three major battles took place around the Belgium town of Ypres between 1914 and 1917. This fascinating day trip will include an in depth look at the life of soldiers doing the fighting and the trenches that they built and lived in. You will learn about the nature of fighting and the weapons used. You will visit and compare both a British and German cemetery as well as a short service of remembrance and investigate the impact of WW1 and the attitudes it fostered that led to WW2. As well as stimulating your brains, we will also have time to shop (Belgium is famous for chocolate among other things) and eat in Ypres.

Transportation: Exclusive coach through the Channel Tunnel
Date or Travel: Saturday, 3 November 2018
Departure Time: 6:15 am
Arrival time: 11:30 pm
Trip Price: GBP 45

To learn more about the Ypres trip, please get in contact with Mr. Tim Wainwright.

Harvard – MIT Math Competition

Harvard  MIT Mathematics Tournament 


Founded in 1998, the Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament (HMMT) is one of the largest and most prestigious high school competitions in the world. The tournament draws close to 1000 students from around the globe. HMMT is entirely student-organized, by students at Harvard, MIT, and nearby schools, many of whom are HMMT alumni themselves. TASIS England will send one team of 4-6 students.  

Dates of Travel
Wednesday, 7 November – Sunday, 11 November 2018

Trip Price
Appr. GBP 1,850 

To find out more about the HarvardMIT Mathematics Competition, please get in contact with Mr. Nathan Auerbach.

Model United Nations Barcelona Conference

Model United Nations Barcelona Conference

The TASIS Model United Nations team will again be taking part in conferences during the 2018-19 academic year and we are currently putting together teams to take part in these. 

The Barcelona International Model United Nations conference will be an exciting chance for students to engage in some of the most pressing issues impacting our world. This year’s theme is (In)Justice: Questioning, Protecting and Striving for the Integrity of Human Rights.

At the conference in Barcelona, delegates will debate some of the most important social and political issues of our time.

Dates of Travel 
Wednesday, 21 November - Sunday, 25 November 2018

Trip Price 
Appr. GBP 500

If you would like to join the team, please email Mr. Nathan Hughes to arrange an interview. Places are limited and will be awarded on a merit based system.

Model United Nations The Hague (THIMUN) Conference

Model United Nations (THIMUN) Conference

The TASIS Model United Nations (MUN) team is an extra-curricular activity that allows students to role play as delegates to the United Nations and participate in simulated committees of the United Nations. The MUN group meets after school from November to January and on some weekend days and attends Model UN conferences, organized by universities or by UN affiliated organizations. Thousands of high school students from around the world participate in the conferences, which involve substantial research, public speaking, debate, writing skills, critical thinking, teamwork and collaboration, and leadership. These conferences are held in cities around the world, allowing the team to engage in additional educational activities as part of the travel experience.

At the end of January, the MUN team, consisting of fourteen students, along with MUN directors Mr. Nathan Hughes and Ms. Gerlinde Wimmer, travel to the The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) Conference. The students not only represent TASIS England, but serve as models of the potential of their generation to have a truly significant impact on the world around them. 

Students on this trip are also able to visit some historical and cultural sights in the area, such as the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank’s House, the MC Escher Museum, and the experience included a trip to Delft.  

Dates of Travel
Saturday, 26 January – Saturday, 2 February 2019

Trip Price
GBP 1,200

To find out more about MUN, please get in contact with Mr. Nathan Hughes.


BFI Future Film Festival

BFI Future Film Festival 

The BFI Future Film Festival is a superb training event for 16-25 year olds to learn, grow and expand their knowledge and understanding of film. Delegates hear from a keynote speaker, participate in practical workshops and gain access to curated screenings of short and feature films. All of these sessions are run by invited industry professionals and the students also have the experience of meeting like-minded young people their own age. 

This trip also includes a visit to the highly rated Cinema Museum in Oval, where students can have up-close access to classic film equipment and projecting technology, helping to contextualise the filmmaking process for much of film history (digital filmmaking being a very recent phenomen).

Dates of Travel
Thursday, 14 February – Friday, 15 February 2019

Trip Price
GBP 100 –150 (depending on student numbers)

To learn more about the Art History trip to Paris please get in contact with Mr. Christopher Hawes. 

Upper School Ski Trip 2018

February Ski Trip

During the February half term week TASIS England offers a ski trip to Saas Grund and Saas Fee in Switzerland to all Upper School students. 
The trip is organized by VIAMONDE (, and accompanied by two TASIS teachers.

The price for the ski trip includes UK transfers, flights, airport to resort transfers, travel and accident insurance, accommodation in multi-bedded rooms, breakfast and dinner in the chalet, hot lunch on the slopes, ski rental including safety helmet, boots and poles, lift pass, skiing instruction and supervised skiing in small groups (1:7), individual assessment of progress and performance, and evening activities.
The sign-up period for the Upper School ski trip is from May to October. To sign up your child to the ski trip, please click the button below. 

Dates of Travel
Saturday, 16 February – Saturday, 23 February 2019 (February Break)

Trip Price
GBP 1,830

Sign-Up Deadline
16 Nov 2018

Student & Parent & Chaperone Ski Trip Meeting:
Wednesday, 6 February 2019 (Salon), 14.40 - 15.15

If you have any questions regarding the US ski trip please contact Ms. Gerlinde Wimmer, the Educational Visits Coordinator.

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Romanian Children’s Relief (RCR) Trip

Romanian Children's Relief Service Trips 

Each February break, Ms. Gediman takes between 15 Upper School students to BistritaRomania. This is a community service project, and all students will receive CSP hours. The program we work with is called, Romanian Children’s Relief (RCR). It was begun in 1990 by photojournalist, Michael Carroll, and he is still very involved today. It is a small charity that works only in Bucharest and Bistrita. In Romania, all of the staff are Romanians, with a small volunteer support staff in the USA.

We fly from London Luton Airport into Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and have a coach drive us to Bistrita. In Bistrita, we break the students up into small groups each day to visit and work in a different RCR program. The four programs our students take part in are as follows:

  • Working with abandoned babies in the hospital section.
  • Working with abandoned special needs babies and toddlers in the placement centre.
  • Working with Roma children in an afterschool program.
  • Working with Lacrima (a wonderful special needs school) students.

In the evenings, we do different activities. One night, we enjoy a feast of Romanian food, cooked by the staff, and shared with us in a lovely gathering. Another evening, we visit a family that successfully fostered a child and then adopted her (a way of sharing the fact that there are success cases!). We have a celebration dinner at a restaurant in an old hotel with the entire staff of RCR on another night. And on Friday, we invite a group of Roma children and their teacher to come and eat dinner with us in our hotel restaurant after having spent the afternoon swimming with them! We then wrap up the trip on Saturday morning as we make our way to Cluj. The students are given free time at the Iulius Mall to enjoy sharing their experiences of the week together in a leisurely fashion. We then fly home early Sunday morning. 

Dates of Travel
Sunday, 16 February – Sunday, 24 February 2019 (February Break)
Friday, 21 June –  Sunday, 30 June 2019 (Summer Break)

Trip Price
GPB 1,225

To learn more about the Romanian Children's Relief Service Trip, please get in contact with Ms. Wendy Gediman.


Hope & Homes (H&H) Service Trip

Hope & Homes Service Trips 

Few things can be as rewarding as helping those who have been dealt far less good fortune than we have. They pay us back for all our efforts with their smiles and love. One week out of our lives can make a difference for many years in theirs. 

Part of each student’s trip fee will go towards financing the service project on site and supporting the local projects, be it through the purchase of medicines or upgrading equipment for the children and in the houses they live in. Twenty children also benefit from our funding of their membership in a karate club in the community. This winter, three of them competed  on national level and brought home a bouquet of medals. Our eyes are always open to find where  our funds can make the best difference.

Starting in February 2008, we have raised, through the service trips and year-round  campaigns, the £19,000 required for a bus for the children recently re-homed from an institution in Bacau. The most recent fundraising campaign has made it possible to replace the minibus that TASIS students financed after their first visit in 2002. It has made a huge difference to the children’s lives since then but now it is falling to pieces but still good to transport goods over short distances. 

Dates of Travel
Sunday, 14 October – Sunday, 21 October 2018 (October Travel Week)
Sunday, 16 February – Sunday, 24 February 2019 (February Break)

Trip Price 
GPB 1,225

Students who wish to be considered for this trip should contact Ms. Chantal Gordon (Feb trip).


Italian Literature Conference in Florence

Italian Literature Conference in Florence 

The Diesse Conference “I Colloqui Fiorentini” is a highlight of the IB Italian A course, where students are able to engage with Giacomo Leopardi’s poetic from their syllabus. The
three-day conference will expose students to a discussion and reflection experience, as they will get involved with critics, artists, professors, as well as with other Italian high school students from all over Italy. This trip is a phenomenal opportunity where students are completely immersed in the Italian literature and culture.

Dates of Travel
Wednesday, 6 March – Saturday, 9 March 2019

Trip Price: 
GBP 650

To learn more about the Italian trip to Florence please visit the Diesse Conference website or get in contact with Ms. Ester Caiazzo.


Borneo Expedition

Borneo Expedition 

This ‘once in a lifetime’ trip will take you into the heart of Borneo’s Rainforests. The third largest island in the world, Borneo is a magnet for environmental enthusiasts, being home to extraordinary wildlife such as Orangutans, Cloud Bears, Proboscis Monkeys and Pygmy Elephants. Amongst the amazing flora and fauna, students will take part in a rainforest conservation program to restore parts of Borneo’s ancient rainforest whilst furthering their understanding of human conflicts effecting the natural world.  This is a trip like no other and will take students to some of the most spectacular natural environments found on Earth!

We start the adventure meeting Borneo’s most popular and enigmatic resident, the Orangutan, learning about the conservation of these gentle primates and seeing first-hand the effects of deforestation to its natural habitat. We then move onto the Kinabatangen River, home to some of Borneo’s biggest and most unusual residents- Proboscis Monkeys, Pygmy Elephants, Monitor Lizards and colourful Hornbills. On river boats, we will explore the tributaries  that make up this mighty river system and will get  up close to study wildlife in natural habitats. At night, we go out on foot, to look for the nocturnal species such as the Loris, the Tarsier and many types of insects. Students will have the opportunity to take part in a community based conservation program in the rainforest and will be involved in exciting activities such as collecting species data, restoring areas of rainforest and setting up camera traps to study nocturnal wildlife.

This trip will be of especial interest to students who wish to study natural sciences and priority will be given to students who wish to study Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS) at IB. Minimum 14 students, maximum 18 students.

Dates of Travel 
Monday, 8 April - Friday, 19 April 2019 (Spring Break)

Trip Price 
GBP 2,900

Information Evening:
TASIS will host an information evening and presentation on May 21 at 7 p.m. in MCH where parents and students can receive more detailed information and have the opportunity to ask questions. 

To learn more about the Borneo Expedition, please contact Mr. Nathan Hughes.

Art History Trip to Paris

Art Paris Trip 

The trip to Paris in the spring is a highlight of the AP Art History course, where students are able to engage directly with numerous artworks from their syllabus and explore the city’s vast offerings to the art world. Students explore the rooms of the Italian Renaissance and 19th Century Dutch and Baroque paintings in the Louvre Museum, visit the Brancusi Studio and Pompidou Centre of Modern Art to explore 20th century art. The Rodin Museum and the Musee d’Orsay offer highlights from the 19th Century, alongside an opportunity to explore the Gothic architecture of Notre Dame Cathedral.

Dates of Travel
Wednesday, 24 April (after school) – Saturday, 27 April 2019

Trip Price: GBP 700


Sign-Up Deadline:
31 January 2019

To learn more about the Art trip to Paris please get in contact with Ms. Lizzie Bird.


TASIS Sinergía Puerto Rico Trip

TASIS Sinergía Puerto Rico Trip

TASIS Sinergía is a collaborative service project of the TASIS schools. It will run at each school with fund raising and educational activities during the year and will be enriched by a trip to Puerto Rico, where students from the TASIS schools will unite to work on environmental and social projects.

The leatherback turtles travel thousands of miles to lay their eggs on the beaches, and students will have the opportunity to watch this very unique nesting process. Our students will help with the restoration of the endangered coral reef carried out by the hard work of dedicated environmentalists. Students participating in this project must be strong swimmers, but do not need to have diving experience.

The social projects support the Los Naranjos community. There is a community garden, including hydroponic cultures and a water harvesting feature, a playground with equipment that needs some loving attention, a community centre where a multitude of activities are offered, and tutoring to help the academic development of children and adults of the Los Naranjos community alike.

A derelict school building adjacent to the Community Centre in Los Naranjos is to be rebuilt in an energy self-sufficient way to provide teaching and learning spaces for future learning activities. To this end, the first project is to raise the funds to fix the roof and to purchase the first solar panel.

Hiking in the rainforest and the mangrove, and a visit to the historical sites in San Juan are a few more activities of the trip planned.

Dates of Travel
Monday, 8 April - Saturday, 20 April (Spring Break)

Trip Price: GBP 2,600

To learn more about the Synergy TASIS Sinergía trip, please get in contact with Dr. Ayse Yavuz Ulker.


Mallorca Trip

Mallorca Trip

In order to put into practice the knowledge acquired in the classroom, 9th and 10th grade students of Spanish may take part in an educational trip to Palma de Mallorca. During this  adventure, they visit several places of historical and cultural interest, such as the beautiful gothic cathedral and its own museum, the arab baths, and the museum of contemporary Spanish art. Students are exposed to a real "language in life" experience, as they have to communicate with Spanish people in many every day situations. This trip is certainly a phenomenal opportunity where students are completely immersed in the Spanish language and culture.

Dates of Travel
Thursday, 25 April – Sunday, 28 April 2019

Trip Price
Appr. GBP 900

To learn more about the Spanish trip to Palma de Mallorca, please get in contact with Ms. Eva Snyders.

DofE Expeditions

Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Expeditions 

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme was set up by Prince Philip, to inspire young people to engage in four disciplines of Physical, Skill, Volunteering and Expedition, to encourage them to challenge themselves and enable them to contribute to society. TASIS England offers all three levels Bronze, Silver and Gold, with the expeditions being led by Ms. Jordy and Mr. Holdham for Bronze and Silver. The students who sign up for Bronze and Silver, undergo either fun but rigorous training during October travel week learning all they need to navigate, using map and compass, camp craft skills, first aid and successfully put up and take down a tent. These skills are also taught during the DofE after-school activity, where students are prepared for their practice expeditions in the Surrey Hills and later their assessed expeditions in Ashdown Forrest (Winnie-the-Pooh country).

Dates of Expeditions
Monday, 15 October –  Friday, 19 October 2018 (October Travel Week; optional)
Sunday, 4 November 2018 (End of Season 1 Hike)
Friday, 29 March – Sunday, 31 March 2019 (Practice Expedition)
Friday, 26 April – Sunday, 28 April 2019 (Assessed Expedition)

Trip Price
GBP £90 – Annual fee to cover the DofE registration fee and the cost of the expeditions.
GBP 770 – October Travel Week; DofE registration fee included

To learn more about the Duke of Edinburgh program please get in contact with Mr. Matt Holdham.


TASIS Leadership Academy (TLA) Trip

TASIS Leadership Academy (TLA) Trip 

The TASIS Leadership Academy Summer trip is a 12 day experiential learning tour in which students begin to apply the lessons they have been learning in the Seminar Series in real world settings. The tour typically takes place shortly after the end of the school year in June.  From year to year, locations are subject to change, but each tour is carefully designed to provide opportunities to explore Political and Diplomatic Leadership, Entrepreneurial Leadership, and Service Leadership.  For each pathway, students spend time on tour working on small projects and solving challenges related to leadership and the locations visited.  The 2018 Summer Trip will visit Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, and Albania. Participation in the TASIS Leadership Academy Summer Trip is conditional upon being selected into the TLA as a 10th grader and participating in the entire 18-month program.

Dates of Travel
Wednesday, 12 June - Monday, 23 June 2019 (Summer Break)

Trip Price
GBP 750

To learn more about the TASIS Leadership Academy and the TLA summer trip, please get in contact with Mr. Dan Ware.


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