SSL Certificate

IB Courses Offered at TASIS England

Group 1 
Language A Literature H/SL
English, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish (Y1)

Language A Language and Literature H/SL

School Supported, Self-Taught SL
Chinese, Turkish

Group 2
Language Acquisition
French B HL/SL, Spanish B HL/SL,
French ab initio SL, Spanish ab initio SL
Mandarin abinitio Online (Y1)

HL = Higher Level, SL = Standard Level

Group 3
Individuals and Societies
Economics (HL/SL)
History (HL/SL)
Psychology (HL/SL)
Information technology in a global society (HL/SL) VIDEO

Group 4
Biology ( HL/SL)
Chemistry (HL/SL)
Environmental Systems and Societies (SL)
Physics (HL/SL) 

Please Note:
The School reserves the right
to add or delete courses according 
to student demand and staff availability.

Group 5
Math Studies (SL)
Mathematics (SL/HL)

Group 6
The Arts
Film (HL/SL)
Theatre Arts (HL/SL)
Visual Arts (HL/SL)
Music (HL/SL)


Theory of Knowledge
(required of all Diploma candidates)


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