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Destiny Library Catalog

All students, faculty and staff can connect to the Destiny Library catalog on and off campus. From the homepage you can access the Library catalog as well as access TASIS online databases and suggested websites. It is recommended to log into Destiny to take full advantage of all the options the catalog has to offer. Please see the Librarian if you forgot your username/ password or experience any problem when searching Destiny. 

The Library is based on **trust** and it is important any book students and faculty would want to borrow is checked out correctly. Please do no walk out of the Library with unchecked material. During the Librarian's out of hours, please use the clipboard located near the entrance. Directions on how to manually check material out of the Library can be found on the reverse of the clipboard.

Tips when using Destiny catalog:

After you conduct your search using the basic search (opening screen), note the browse link, which once clicked on will present you with an alphabetical list  of topic broken into subtopics. You might find it useful to browse through the list. Clicking on any subtopic will direct you to a further choice of books.

Using keyword search will probably help you find more books than a subject search, however you might also be presented with a higher number of false hits. The power tab enables you to combine several searches and use the Boolean operators (and, not, or).

Sorting order: to quickly visualise which books are relevant to your search, select call number as the sorting order. Please use a locator slip (available near the library computer catalog or ask the Librarian) when looking for books in the stacks.

Navigation: use the links on the green bar at the top of each screen to return to a previous screen. Avoid using the back button as it might create error messages, especially if you are logged in.

Special Collections

Displayed across the Library are various unique book collections. Please  browse through the collections, select a book, find a comfortable seat and enjoy a moment of reading.

  • G.K. Chesterton Collection (Main Room)

Following on from Dr. Michael Aeschliman's lecture on G.K. Chesterton Monday 8th December 2014, Dr Aeschliman has kindly donated some 70 books and journals and two portraits of G.K. Chesterton from his personal collection by or about Chesterton to the US Library. These books are now available to borrow from the Main Room. Click HERE to view a complete list of books by and about G.K. Chesterton available to borrow from the Library.

Click HERE to access the new G.K. Chesterton Library website. To receive regular updates, you are recommended to sign up to the Chesterton newsletter. For more information, select the Mailing List tab from the website. 

  • Lakeside classic Collection (Extension)

The Lakeside classic press collection was started in 1903 by Thomas E. Donnelley, then president of RR Donnelley & Sons Company and son of the founder. Thomas E. Donnelley believed that a simple book, dignified and well designed, would be an appropriate holiday gift. In the introduction to the first Lakeside Press classics, he wrote, "If, in a modest way this volume conveys the idea that machine-made books are not a crime against art, and that books may be plain but good, and good though not costly, its mission has been accomplished". The basic format of the Lakeside Press classics has remained the same for more than 100 years, testifying to the sound design of the first volume. Click HERE to view a list of all the Lakeside classics available to borrow from the Library.

  • Local studies Collection (Reading Corner)
  • Travel accounts Collection (Travel Trunk located in the Reading Corner)
New Books
Each month, new books are added to the US Library collection. Click HERE to see what the new titles are for this month.
eBook Collection

For instructions on how to access the e-book collection, click HERE


Effective from August 2016, Overdrive, our paid eBook service provider, has now been terminated. Thank you for using this service.

Please visit our Follett ebook collection, accessible from the Destiny catalog. You will need your LMS username/password to access this service.

Resource Lists

Search the Library collection through our online catalog. To begin your search, click on the tree below, then select the Upper School Library link.

To access your personal account from Destiny (using your LMS username/ password), click on the login button at the top-right corner of the catalog homepage. 

Once  you have logged in, you can:

  • Check the status of the books you have borrowed,
  • Renew your books (as long as they are not overdue),
  • See your borrowing history,
  • Write book reviews.

 For instructions on how to log into Destiny, click HERE

For instructions on how to search Destiny, click HERE

Download the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme HERE  (hard copies available from the Library)

Stock Suggestion

If you would like to suggest that an item be purchased for the Library or if you would like more books on a particular subject area, please fill in either section A or B of the Stock Suggestion Form. Please note that completion of this form does not guarantee a work will be purchased and does not constitute a reservation. Hard copies are also available from the Library. Please return your completed form to the US Librarian.  

Webpath Express

WebPath Express is a targeted search engine, providing access to websites that have been vetted for appropriateness and assigned comprehension ratings by grade level.  It is a safe, effective tool for students searching for online information.

WebPath Express enables the user to search over 85,000 trustworthy and educational websites directly from the Library catalog, while filtering out questionable and irrelevant content. WebPath Express offers peace-of-mind: students and faculty can browse the web safely and effectively. 

To access the database, click HERE 

For instructions on how to search WebPath Express, click HERE 

WebpathExpress Overview
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