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TASIS England and ECIS Join Forces in the Name of Physical Education
Posted 18/04/2016 05:01PM

The TASIS England Physical Education department organized and hosted the 2016 ECIS Physical Education Conference (ECISPE 16) held at the University of Surrey Sports Park from April 13-16.

In his opening remarks, Mark Hurst, Head of Physical Education at TASIS stated, “Many of society’s health problems are linked to sedentary lifestyles due to a plethora of comfortable reasons not to be active. Yet we know that movement is at the core of everything we do as humans. The brain developed as our movements needed to become more complex, and we know that new brain cells are created when hormones are released during muscular contraction. It is now common knowledge that exercise and academic progress go hand in hand.” 

Setting the tone for the conference, he added, “We must constantly justify our place in education and so these three days of ECISPE 16 aim to re-assure us of  Why we do? What we do? And How we do it. The three days of stimulation, provocation, discussion, debate and, most importantly, collegiality that lie ahead will ensure that our students are the main beneficiaries of our conference.”

Delegates from locations throughout Europe congregated at the University of Surrey Sports Park to “smile and sweat” at the conference. The schedule delivered a selection of impactful speakers and practical sessions lead by 'teachers teaching teachers' for the international school community, designed to inspire the participants and enrich their students’ Physical Education experience.

Keynote speakers included Professor Greg Whyte OBE, Greg Dryer, Ben Bartlett, Chris Paterson MBE, Kit Symons, Tony Bennison, and Mike Antoniades. These experts held both physical and theoretical workshops such as Laying the foundations for movement literacy, Creating the environment to realize your desired outcomes, Creating win-win environments using differentiation for invasion games, and more.

To ensure everyone experienced both a mental and physical workout while at the conference, each day incorporated plenty of physical action lead by delegates, including orienteering, yoga, tag rugby, volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, and more.



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