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TASIS Students Walk4Water
Posted 12/11/2015 04:39PM

On Saturday, November 14 from 11-1:30, members of the TASIS World Issues Society and friends will Walk4Water to raise funds and awareness of the work of WaterAid.

Volunteers from the TASIS England community will be sponsored by parents, faculty members, and alumni for walking, running, and skipping, from TASIS to Virginia Water Lake. Once the group reach the lake, they will fill milk jugs with water and walk back to TASIS carrying the loaded jugs. They will then measure the water collected and calculate how long this water supply would last a family in a third world country. The walk will help to raise awareness and money for WaterAid, an international charity that transforms lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene, and sanitation. 650 million people are living without safe water. 

The World Issues Society commented: “Because we live in areas where clean water is assumed to be a right and not a privilege, we often forget that there are those who struggle to get that same clean water every day. We take clean water for granted, and WaterAid helps in making us aware of just how lucky we are.”

Good luck to all who participate!


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