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TASIS England Alumni Speaker Series Welcomes Robin (Guthrie) Fawcett '96
Posted 25/11/2014 09:43AM


Dr. Robin (Guthrie) Fawcett, Class of 1996 returned to campus to speak with Mr. Dunlavy’s IB Psychology Year 2 class. A trained and licensed medical doctor, she holds a medical degree from Duke University. 

The psychology class has been learning about human relationships and topics include altruism and prosocial behavior, interpersonal relationships, cultural influences on interpersonal relationships, and violence in society. In her discussions, Dr. Fawcett explained why she felt Psychology is such a relevant subject to the field of medicine. She mentioned that nearly all of human illness, as opposed to injury, has root psychological causes. For this reason, Psychology is becoming a greater part of physician training and study.

She also addressed the stress that students feel at this time of year, especially seniors, and tried to allay their fears by advising to use "perspectacles" and to try to see their situation from a larger viewpoint.  She helped them to consider their goals in light of their own lives, and to take things easier and to be happier. 

Dr. Fawcett, who studied Pre-Calculus in the very room in which she spoke to the IB Psychology students, is always a welcome guest, and TASIS England hopes to see her again in the future.


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