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TASIS England Alumni Speaker Series Welcomes Jack Lynch '85 and Raedene McGary '83
Posted 11/11/2014 10:59AM

In November, TASIS England was pleased to welcome back notable and accomplished alumni to speak to students about their careers and areas of expertise.

Raedene McGary '83, a lawyer specializing in internet commerce, spoke with Mr. Kendall's Introduction to Debate and Public Speaking class. A lawyer, she shared her experiences and gave advice to the students about public speaking and how to pursue a degree in law. Raedene also spoke about the differences between practicing law in America versus in the United Kingdom. 

Shakespeare expert, prolific author, and professor at Rutgers University, Dr. Jack Lynch '85, spoke on a number of topics and authors throughout the day. He led AP English Literature students in a discussion on Paradise Lost, joined his former teacher Mr. Jepson, in an IB Theory of Knowledge Year 1 discussion on the intimations of immortality in the writings of Plato and Wordsworth, and in a senior English class, he spoke about the importance of Hamlet as a piece of literary work and the influence and impact of Shakespeare on both modern language and culture. 

Those were just the morning sessions! In the afternoon he explored the origins of the English language with a Latin class discussed English in a digital age with tenth grade English students.

Mr. Kerr-Heraly commented: "Dr. Lynch's visit was a great chance for our students, especially seniors, to get a glance at the academic world that lies ahead. Alumni visits are a wonderful way for them to connect their own future ambitions with the achievements of past graduates. The timing of Dr. Lynch's visit was perfect for my students who are in the middle of studying Shakespeare. It was fantastic for them to be able to hear from an expert about how a popular but otherwise ordinary playwright from provincial England became viewed as the greatest genius in English literary history." 


Upcoming alumni speakers are Robin (Guthrie) Fawcett '96, Aran Kankiwala '05, and Brian Smith '07.

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