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Upper School Students go Greek for the Day!
Posted 29/10/2014 04:07PM


On Greek Day, freshman students recreated ancient Greek culture as part of their History and English studies. They presented an adaptation of Oedipus, engaged in a debate (ancient Greek style), designed and built a Trojan lion and temple using recycled materials, painted pots inspired by Greek red and black figure pottery, and participated in Olympic-style events on the campus grounds. Alumni Art History teacher, Mrs. Page, returned to teach students about the progression of Greek Art from the Archaic to the Classical periods.  The culminating activity was a student reenactment of the Battle of Marathon on Thorpe Lawn with custom-made swords and shields.

TASIS history teacher Mr. Bowser organized the day, with the help of Mr. Stone and Mr. Ware from English and History departments.

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