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Technology is not Just a Tool; it is a Skill
Posted 20/02/2013 11:21AM

Left to Right: Head of Upper School Mr. Jepson, Mr. Utecht, Head of Information Technology Mr. Arcay

Jeff Utecht, a well-known educational technology consultant and former teacher in international schools, recently visited TASIS England to lead a Professional Development day for faculty and staff.

Mr. Utecht spoke about the changing technological landscape and its effect on education. Students in our Upper School have never known a time without the Internet; students in our Lower School have never known a time without handheld, touch-screen, mobile computing devices. Young people have different expectations of technology than adults do because they have lived all their lives in a connected world.

Examples were given about how learning is affected by this new landscape. For example, everyone uses Google to find information, but how many students know how to use it effectively? Practical lessons on how one can use Google for deeper research and in collaborative ways were a key aspect of the day. The essential takeaway was that technology is not just a tool; it is a skill. Technology matters because students will be using it constantly in their education (at TASIS and at university) and in their life.

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