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Robotics Club
Posted 21/09/2012 04:13PM

The newly established Robotics Lab is buzzing with activity: of both the human and mechanical variety. Using science, information technology, and math skills, students build and program robotic models that are part of the Lego Creator Lab™, purchased with funds made possible through the generosity of TASIS England parents.

During the Tuesday and Thursday club meetings, students learn how to design, construct, and operate their robots with the use of computer systems, sensory feedback, and information processing as key components. Faculty members, Mr. Theiret, Mr. Ober, and Mr. Kennedy lead the club, and each has a passion for robotics and expertise in math, science, and IT.

Students use the space and equipment to make a diverse range of robotic models, from robots, animals, vehicles, and aircrafts to devices that turn on light switches. Both students and adults have reacted with great enthusiasm to the lab, and the teamwork, positive competitive spirit, and creativity that has is ever-present in the Robotics Lab.

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