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The Fleming Garden's "Apple A-Peel"
Posted 28/11/2011 11:43AM

At the Fête de Noel, several students and teachers involved with the Fleming Garden took turns manning the stall which displayed Fleming Garden polo shirts as well as over a hundred jars of boysenberry, raspberry and strawberry jam and nasturtium capers. The jams and capers were completely sold out, and the proceeds of over £260 will go into the newly-launched "Apple A-Peel".  This is a charity fund set up by the Fleming Garden Committee to raise money to be used gradually to purchase young apple trees of several traditional varieties, and these new trees will help to restore an old avenue of apple trees that, according to an 1870 map, ran across the length of the garden. Only a remnant of those two rows of apple trees exists today, but the "Apple A-Peel" will help bring about this important restoration.

The students who work in the Fleming Garden most Saturday will spend part of the winter and spring producing more jars of jam, possibly to sell at the May Fair.


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