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Mark Szabo Remembrance Day, March 8
Posted 09/03/2017 03:05PM

The TASIS England community commemorated beloved former faculty member and friend Mark Szabo on March 8, dedicating the day in his honor.

Learning Resource teacher Mark Szabo’s sudden death two years ago shocked the TASIS community. Today, everyone on campus was encouraged to make a donation and wear brightly colored clothing in his memory. All proceeds will be given to a charity set up by Mark’s wife, art teacher Leticia Szabo.

His absence is still felt amongst our students and faculty and, in the afternoon, Mr. Szabo’s former students, advisees, and friends were invited to gather for a remembrance celebration in Teen Hollow.

Mrs. Szabo fondly remembers her husband as a very keen sportsman, BMX Champion, pianist, music lover, movie enthusiast, and humanitarian who always wanted to give back to his community. “Mark's philosophy was 'treat others as you would like to be treated.’ He was known everywhere as the kind, gentle giant. He had an ability to make everyone laugh and always left people feeling better. He was a big man physically, with a huge heart and generosity for everyone, giving of his energy, enthusiasm, and expertise.”

Mrs. Szabo set up a charity to make sure his legacy would live on. “Mark never gave up at anything, so when he passed away suddenly two years ago my final promise to him was to realize his dreams. He believed with all his heart that every student could unlock their potential given the right tools, hence 'COMMUNICATE.' His legacy is a web-based platform available to all, with the resources or tool kits for learning English and study skills.”

Mark’s wonderful influence on the TASIS community will never be forgotten, as his memory lives on in the many people he inspired during his lifetime.

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