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Reptile Rescue Team Visits Middle School
Posted 02/02/2017 11:38AM

Middle School students welcomed the team from Swindon Reptile Rescue on February 1, during a daylong visit to several science classes. Students and teachers enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about various species of reptile and embraced the up-close-and-personal demonstration with Victor the Bosc Monitor, Henrietta, the 15ft Burmese, Bertha the 11ft Boa, and several other reptilian friends.

Andy Browne, the owner of the reptile rescue organization, has rehabilitated exotic animals for more than 35 years. His engaging presentation style gave the students near constant contact with the animals while discovering the roles reptiles play in various ecosystems. The hands-on learning experience brought the subject matter vividly to life and gave students tangible examples of reptilian texture, temperature, and sensory reactions.


About the Swindon Reptile Rescue

Swindon Reptile Rescue provides rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming services for reptiles, amphibians, and other exotic animals throughout the UK. The organization welcomes inquiries from potential donors, rehomers, and volunteers.

Swindon Reptile Rescue is helped by donations and a team of about 20 volunteers. Andy’s Animal Encounters was established as a fundraising arm to support the rescue operation. All the proceeds from the entertaining and educational experiences go toward the care and rehabilitation of the reptiles.

Further information may be found on the organization’s website.

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