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Antarctica – Land of Ice
Posted 18/01/2017 04:00PM

Please come along to the Fleming Theatre on Thursday, February 9, at 7 p.m. to hear Ms. Gediman speak about her recent trip to Union Glacier in Antarctica. Ms. Gediman teaches fifth grade and runs the Roots & Shoots/Wildlife Club. She will discuss current issues in Antarctica, and share the results of the sustainable technology tests in which she participated.

Union Glacier is only accessible by air, with planes landing on a blue ice runway. There is nothing alive in the interior of Antarctica, except for the few intrepid visitors. The only private camp in Antarctica, Union Glacier Camp is a stopping place for scientists, people climbing Mt. Vinson or trekking to the South Pole, and a handful of others. This was Ms. Gediman’s third trip to Antarctica, and her talk will include beautiful pictures of this pristine continent along with information about what it is like to visit the Antarctic Peninsula, which is abundant with wildlife. 

Please email Ms. Gediman to let her know that you are interested in attending. Students are welcome to come along with their parents, and entrance is free. 



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