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Lower and Upper School Students Work Together in the Name of Science
Posted 07/06/2016 12:00PM

Ten Advanced Placement Chemistry students planned ten experiments to present to second grade for their post-AP exam project. These included Food Coloring Races, Color Changing Solution, Borax Slime, a Tea Bag Rocket, and a Burning Gummy Bear Experiment. 

Dressed in full science uniform–gloves, goggles, and lab coats—the second graders were excited to use the Upper School lab equipment and learn more about chemistry. When asked if they hope to take Chemistry in Upper School, many replied with a resounding yes! 

Second grade teacher Ms. Lamain commented:

“Joining AP Chemistry and second grade was an amazing and fun adventure! Second grade students enjoyed meeting and working with the upper school students. Second graders were taught 5 mini-lessons in chemistry with various experiments. The AP students did a wonderful job of explaining the chemical processes in simple and easy to understand vocabulary. This was a perfect way to create a spark of interest in a scientific field that is not normally explored until later. Overall, my students completely enjoyed the “field trip,” learned much about chemistry, and were able to interact with the upper school students in a meaningful way.”

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