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The Center for Innovation

A reflection of the School’s commitment to forward thinking and visionary education.

The TASIS England Center for Innovation, Inspiration, and Exploration

The TASIS England Center for Innovation, Inspiration, and Exploration is the latest development on campus that reflects the School’s commitment to forward thinking and visionary education. Created in partnership with Samsung, the Center features cutting edge technology to support the Robotics program and courses in Digital Design and Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS). Andy Griffiths, President of Samsung UK & Ireland joined past Headmaster Michael McBrien, and Peter Waddell, Mayor of Runnymede for the launch on Friday, 16 January. Students demonstrated the work they have accomplished with the new equipment in robotics, 3-D printing, and an exciting high altitude weather balloon launch project—where students track a camera-equipped balloon that is propelled into the atmosphere. The journey up to more than 100,000 feet will be documented by the video recorder strapped to the frame, along with its descent and final landing point in East Anglia.

TASIS is the first school in Europe to feature a display wall, which allows students to share ideas and to collaborate on projects by using screen mirroring from tablet to television. Robotics students use Samsung Galaxy TabPRO tablets to program their robots, and computer design classes are learning to create objects with the new 3-D printer as they experiment with product design. The printer will allow mathematics classes to take their work from the page to more visible dimensions. Looking at the new possibilities the technology offers, Mr. Kennedy, upper school mathematics teacher, says that they will be able to “look at the challenges of making pure mathematics ‘work’ in the mechanical world. Students will take the notion of a ‘straight line,’ then will build mechanisms with the 3-D printer to make different types of straight lines.” 

Samsung Interactive White Boards in other areas of the Center form additional learning spaces, which allow teachers from all disciplines to hold classes that focus on collaboration, inquiry based learning, and enhanced media production. In his physics classes, Mr. Dudley plans to “use the Innovation Center to leverage all that technology affords today’s students.” He notes that they already possess, and carry daily, accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, video and audio recorders, and more, in their electronic devices. “The new Center will allow students to visualize and explore, and reproduce what took the likes of Galileo and Newton decades.”

The partnership with the Samsung Corporation and donations from TASIS parents have made this exciting new learning environment possible. As part of its commitment to developing young talent and opening the world of technological innovation to young minds, Samsung facilitated the purchase of much of the technology equipment. Local company MPL Interiors designed the new space and thoughtfully planned how the new learning areas in the room may be utilized to their fullest capacity. The clean, high-tech decor in the transformed building energizes the space and gives it a new direction for the future.

The new Center for Innovation, Inspiration, and Exploration gives both teachers and students access to technologies that promote advanced levels of instruction and collaboration. By fueling creativity and supporting entrepreneurial initiatives, this state-of-the-art setting and its programs will equip and empower TASIS students for success in a world where the ability to embrace change is vital.

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