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How to Cite Your Sources

Compiling your List of Sources

Step 1. Keep a list of the books, articles, and websites you consult as you study your research topic. 
Step 2. The list should contain the following information:
•   Author
•   Title
•   Publication information (city, publisher and date)
•   Page numbers of material you wish to quote, or web addresses for Internet sites

Write down enough information so you can properly cite the source using MLA format.  For Internet sites, copy and paste the web address or URL (uniform resource locator) of a website into your document, along with specific notes on what information you found at that site, or the steps you used to find that information within the website. 

As a list of sources is required for every research assignment, building it as you conduct your research will save time and trouble at the end.

Proper Citation Format

Sources cited within your paper are referred to as in-text citations.

Sources cited at the end of your paper are referred to as your Works Cited or your Bibliography page.

Final checks for your Works Cited page:

  1. If any of the source information listed in the suggested formats below cannot be located, proceed to the next available piece of information.
  2. Alphabetize the list by the last name of the authors or editors.
  3. If a work has no author or editor, alphabetize by the first word of the title other than a, an, or the.
  4. Do not indent the first line of each entry, but indent any additional lines five spaces (hanging indent).
  5. The entire list of works cited is double spaced.
  6. For web pages, underlining the title must be replaced by italicizing the title.
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