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Middle School at TASIS

Our Middle School students immerse themselves in high-caliber academics while exploring and pursuing their personal passions.

Website Evaluation Checklist


  1. Is it a personal website or one sponsored by a company, organization, or university?
  2. Is there a paragraph explaining what the website is about or who sponsors it?


  1. Did the author sign his/her name to the website?
  2. Does the author tell you about him-/herself?
  3. Do you feel that the author is knowledgeable about the topic?  How can you tell?
  4. Does he/she present facts (not just opinions)?


  1. Does the website present any information that you think is wrong?
  2. Does the website have any spelling or grammar mistakes?
  3. Does the website have “dead links”?
  4. Is the website at the right level for you and your project?
  5. Is there a date on the page that tells you when it was last updated?


  1. Do you have any other comments on the site that might affect your decision?


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