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International Section Diploma

Students entering TASIS England at the Intermediate, Advanced, or Proficiency level of English-as-an-Additional Language (EAL) will be placed in International Section courses and the EAL course appropriate to their grade and English ability as determined by the English placement test. Such students will be enrolled as candidates for the International Section Diploma. International Section courses are considered to be equivalent to standard courses in the subject for the purposes of departmental graduation requirements. 

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Students enrolled as candidates for the International Section Diploma may become eligible for the College Preparatory Diploma if they pass their EAL Proficiency and English IV International courses with grades of “C” or better and achieve a minimum score of 500 (173 for the computer-based test) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Required for non-native English speakers applying to universities, the TOEFL test is computer based and is administered at two test sites in central London. The college counselors assist students with test registration and with directions to the test centers. In addition, all other graduation requirements must be fulfilled and approval granted by the Academic Dean. In these cases, the students' EAL courses will be considered as fulfilling the modern foreign language graduation requirement.

If underclass students should pass EAL Proficiency and their English International Section courses with grades of “C” or better, they may register for the next year's standard section of English and will no longer be required to take International Section courses. Students who are eligible and who elect to enter the standard section of English will, with the approval of the Academic Dean, at that point become candidates for the College Preparatory Diploma. Such students may not revert to their International Section Diploma status without the permission of the Academic Committee.

Students may repeat EAL Proficiency in a subsequent year to attempt to raise their grade to a “C” if they wish. Students will not receive credit for courses they are repeating. Students not taking an EAL course may not normally take International Section courses.

Grading standards for EAL and International Section courses are broadly equivalent to those in other courses, although teachers take into consideration the difficulty students have studying in English before becoming proficient in the language. Grades in these courses are not weighted any differently than those in standard courses for Grade Point Average purposes.

Department requirements are the same as those of the College Preparatory Diploma with the following exception:
English-as-an-Additional Language: Satisfactory completion of EAL Proficiency. Students enrolled in this program are exempt from any other Foreign Language requirement.


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