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Lower School at TASIS

Our Lower School program is committed to focusing on the whole child and the active exploration of the world around us.

Grade 1 at TASIS England

TASIS Lower School is committed to educating the whole child, and the program focuses not only on the academic, but also on the creative, moral, and physical development of children.

The curriculum is both traditional and innovative, and is supplemented by a variety of social and cultural activities. TASIS endorses, through all its programs, an enthusiasm for life, for learning and for individual growth within a purposeful community.

Language Arts

Language Arts
In First Grade, language arts instruction builds on prior reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills to help students become independent readers and writers.

Phonics continues to be a major focus. Students learn and practice rules for recognizing and decoding sounds that make up words, and apply these rules to sound out more complex words. They also become more proficient readers capable of decoding and comprehending a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction texts. Through direct instruction and independent practice, students learn decoding skills, comprehension strategies, and work to improve their individual reading levels. 

Writing and Spelling
Students begin to learn the writing process and are encouraged to explore and generate their own ideas. First grade students work on putting together clear, complete sentences on a range of topics. They begin with the pre-writing process as they write or retell stories that include characters, setting, and a beginning, middle, and end. As they learn how to write for different purposes, students  focus on applying language structures and conventions to their writing. Throughout the year, first grade students explore common rules for regularly spelled words.

Social Studies


The World

  • Geography
  • Early World Civilizations
  • Modern Civilization and Culture: Mexico

The Americas

  • Early People and Civilizations
  • Early Exploration and Settlement
  • From Colonies to Independence: The American Revolution
  • Early Exploration of American West
  • Symbols and Figures

Research Process

Through teacher modeling students will:

  • Understand topic-based guiding questions
  • Utilize teacher-provided organizers to systematize their research
  • Practice note taking methods


First Grade mathematics focuses on whole numbers and place value in relationship to addition and subtraction. Students develop an understanding of the relationship between addition and subtraction and develop effective and efficient strategies for adding and subtracting. They also develop an understanding of the meaning and process of measurement and explore measurement though non-standard units. Students are able to compose and decompose shapes, comparing their attributes, and they work on organizing, representing, and analyzing data.


Concepts & Topics

  • Living Things and Their Environment
  • The Human Body: Body Systems, Germs, Disease, and Preventing Illness
  • Matter
  • Properties of Matter – Measurement
  • Introduction to Electricity
  • Astronomy
  • The Earth
  • Science Biographies 

Inquiry Skills

  • Describing
  • Observing action/change over time?
  • Recording
  • Communicating observations?
  • Questioning
  • Making minimal predictions?
  • Using science tools
  • Comparing
  • Suggesting further investigations
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