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Lower School at TASIS

Our Lower School program is committed to focusing on the whole child and the active exploration of the world around us.

Kindergarten through Grade 4

The curriculum in the Lower School, Grades K – 4, enables our students to develop a respect and love for learning, while acquiring the solid basic skills and knowledge that they will need to continue their own education. It is our intention to give this energetic age group a full and well-rounded program in academic subjects and the creative arts.

In the TASIS England Lower School, our children experience an exciting world of opportunities for learning and developing in a lively, happy, and diverse environment.

Who are we?

  • We are a community of learners. We come from every corner of the world, and from all over the United States.
  • We speak different languages, we have different accents, and we have fun learning about the world and its cultures.
  • We are well-rounded and have many different interests.
  • We have different ways of learning.
  • We value good behavior, and we show kindness and respect to others.
  • We are proud of the fact that the Lower School is a strong community for the whole family. We know relocation is a challenge, and we support the whole family during times of transition.

Curriculum Overview

Language Arts

As children develop their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, they demonstrate increasing sophistication in all apsects of language use. Across the curriculum, teachers use common terminology to facilitate understanding. Students learn how to question, connect, infer, synthesize, and discuss texts using a variety of genres. Reading and writing are addressed in tandem to ensure that students master the full range of these essential skills.


Social Studies

Field trips to sites of historic and cultural importance in England and London are integral to our students' experience, as students learn about different civilzations and ways of life. The combination of content-rich curriculum with a structured approach to learning valuable research skills promotes effective problem-solving and decision-making. The overall goal is to encourage and enable students to become active, responsible citizens.


The goal of mathematics instruction at TASIS is to develop students' conceptual understanding of math concepts along with a fluency of skills and procedures. With this approach, students learn to apply their mathematical understanding to solve problems both accurately and effeciently. We believe that mathematics instruction must combine the mastery of basic facts and operations, along with opportunities to apply concepts in different situations. As students participate in problem solving, guided explorations, and mathematical discussions, they are asked to collaborate, communicate, and to reflect on their learning.

Text: Math in Focus


Our students learn in a bright and airy science room that is a well-equipped and fun place to learn. Students enjoy hands-on experiments and learning through observation. A systematic approach to exploring science combines the scientific method with content knowledge and provides essential building blocks for deeper scientific understanding.
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