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Travel Tips

Tip #1
Never assume that someone else’s dream vacation will be your dream vacation as well. There are just too many factors involved such as age of children, time of year, weather, flight times, food preferences, and accommodations.

Tip #2
Make a list of all the places your family would like to visit. Then list all the times you are available to travel (don’t forget weekends). Now match the two up and start planning.

Tip #3
Ask if the hotel has a ‘family suite’ which usually means an extra bedroom. Most hotels have one, but you will need to book several months in advance.

Tip #4
Large or young family? You may want to consider a villa or apartment. Most hotel rooms are small and only accommodate up to 4 persons.

Tip #5
When booking two rooms do not assume they will be adjoining. Be specific when booking that you will need your rooms close together and on the same floor.

Tip #6
Picky eater? Don’t expect the food to be similar. Pack enough cereal, crushed fruit packs, crackers and snacks to ensure your fussy eater has something. You can use the extra luggage space on the way home for souvenirs.

Tip #7
Buy books and magazines for travel in England. European airports do not always have English versions available.

Tip #8
Research and plan your itinerary before you leave. You may want to consider booking main attractions in advance to avoid lines and stretch your local currency.

Tip #9
Buy your Euros from the local Post Office that offers this service. Foreign currency must be ordered 2 - 3 days in advance from most banks.

Tip #10
Try to plan one event per day for the younger members of the family. A treat at the local gelato shop can make all the difference.

Tip #11
Arrange, before you leave, to have groceries delivered when you get home through an online grocers such as Ocado.

Tip #12
Relax and have FUN!

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This information is provided as a reference only and therefore any inclusion should not be seen as an endorsement by the TASIS Parents’ Council or its members. 

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