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Warm and welcoming, our worldly community and family atmosphere prepares our students for a pluralistic society.

Buddy Family Program  

Upon your enrollment at TASIS England, you will be assigned a Buddy Family through the TPA Buddy Family program.

Buddy Families are often matched according to the age and gender of at least one of the children attending TASIS England. In some cases, families have been paired because they live in the same town or in close proximity to each other.

You will be notified by the Buddy Family Coordinator with the name of a current TASIS family who has volunteered to assist you in your transition to England and the school community.

Feel free to contact your Buddy Family with any questions you may have about the transition. Use them as a personal resource to help answer any questions that may arise as you prepare to enter TASIS.

Here's a list of things to consider asking:
  • What should I buy here to include in my shipment because I won't find it in England?
  • Which Women's Groups should I consider joining in England?
  • Can I get my telephone/tv/internet hooked up before I arrive?
  • Should I buy parts of the TASIS uniform here?
  • Are there summer camps available?
  • What TASIS sports/extra-curricular activities are available?
  • Where can I buy a car?
  • Any tips on driving in England?
  • What are Fall/Winter/Spring Travel Breaks

You will, of course, have all sorts of questions and your Buddy Family is there to help you find the information.  There is no such thing as a silly question.


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