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Responsible Use Policy

This policy applies to all students, faculty, staff, and others using computer and communication technologies, whether personally or School owned, which access, transmit, or store School or student information.

General Policy

Use of TASIS England’s network and computer technology resources should support the School’s Mission Statement. Users are responsible to use information resources properly and to respect the rights of others. This policy provides guidelines for responsible use of information resources. “Information resources” are the School’s network and all computer and communication devices and other technologies that access, store, or transmit School and student information.


Users must not access computers, software, data, or networks without proper authorisation. Users must not intentionally copy or modify data files, programs, passwords, or other digital materials belonging to other users without their specific permission.


Users must not send, view, or download fraudulent, harassing, obscene, or threatening messages or material. Users must not violate copyright law and must respect intellectual property and licenses to copyrighted material. Users must abide by the terms of use of online media forums, including social networking websites, mailing lists, and blogs. Information resources must not be used for partisan political activities or commercial purposes.


Users must respect the integrity of information resources. Users must not tamper with settings, participate in unlawful file sharing, or knowingly transmit destructive software. Users must not engage in any activities that could damage or vandalise School information resources.


Users of School information resources must protect the privacy of their login information and online identity. The School may in its reasonable discretion review information records for the proper functioning of the School, in connection with investigations, or to protect the safety of individuals or the TASIS England community. Consequently, although the privacy of individuals will be respected in normal situations, users do not have an absolute right to privacy while using the School’s information resources.

System Administration

The TASIS IT Department will take all appropriate actions to protect the security of information resources, take precaution against theft of or damage to information resources, execute all licensing agreements applicable to information resources, and communicate this policy to all users of information resources. It may temporarily suspend access to information resources to certain users if it is believed necessary to maintain the integrity of information resources or to protect other users.

Consequence of Misuse

A user who violates this Responsible Use Policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.
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