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The Center for Innovation

A reflection of the School’s commitment to forward thinking and visionary education.

Vision Statement

The TASIS England educational community will use technology to inspire innovation, ignite imagination, encourage interdisciplinary understanding, and augment learning on every level.

The school is known for its emphasis on academic rigour, respect for others, and the education of the whole person in exceptionally beautiful surroundings.

However, the social landscape of learning has changed dramatically in recent decades, due primarily to the relentlessly growing ubiquity of personal digital devices. Nearly all TASIS England students are hyperconnected, regularly using multiple means of communication (email, messaging, telephone, social networks, online games, etc.). Young people are involved in daily real-world learning experiences and challenges that can seem remote from the classroom.

Furthermore, recent research in neuroscience confirms many educators’ intuitions that varied, personal, active, and meaningful lessons are often more effective than those characterised by more traditional teaching methods. Students learn best when they are engaged and interested.

Consequently, TASIS England, one of the pioneers in 20th century international education, will maintain its leading role among 21st century schools by joining the power of technology with insight into learning. Teachers will communicate and collaborate electronically to identify and address students’ individual learning strengths and challenges. Multisensory, interactive classroom environments will promote project-based learning, initiative, and creativity. Students’ use of computing devices in all classes will create significant synergies between academic disciplines and personal learning networks.

Students at TASIS England will be both internationally minded and technologically fluent. Graduates will be not just prepared for university but ready for modern life. TASIS will continue to open doors to lifelong learning, hearts to enduring values, and minds to the world.

A vision is a kind of moral imagination that gives school people, individually and collectively, the ability to see their school not only as it is but also as they would like it to become.
Roland Barth

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