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TASIS England Academics

We are dedicated to inspiring within each student the pursuit of knowledge, the love of wisdom, an appreciation for beauty, and the development of strong characters.

Worldwide University Preparation

The Advanced Placement (AP) Courses offer qualified students the opportunity to take college-level courses in a high school setting. More than 90% of U.S. colleges and universities give credit and advanced placement to AP students who received a grade of 3 or above on the exams. Many U.S. colleges and universities offer sophomore standing to students who have a sufficient number of qualifying grades. In the U.K., universities view exam results as similar to British A-level results; consequently, students who succeed on three or more AP exams are well prepared for entry into U.K. universities.

Advanced Placement (AP) Program Overview
Most students may not take more than three AP classes during one school year. Students must have a B+ average in the prerequisite course and/or the permission of the Department Head in order to register for an Advanced Placement course.

# of students# of tests% of students with scores > 3
global % with scores > 3

TASIS England AP Exam Results 2015-17

Art History  100%
Human Geography83%
Biology  85%Italian Language & Culture100%
Calculus AB90%Japanese Language & Culture100%
Calculus BC100%Music Theory80%
Chemistry70%Physics 161%
Chinese Language & Culture100%Physics 280%
Computer Science A65%Physics C - Electricity and Magnetism  
Economics: Macro89%Physics C - Mechanics
Economics: Micro94%Spanish Language & Culture100%
English Language & Composition82%Statistics
English Literature & Composition74%Studio Art: 2-D Design Portfolio
Environmental Science62%US Government & Politics 75%
European History91%US History 81%
German Language & Culture100%  


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