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Boarding Life

Our boarders learn to make good choices in their daily lives and find their own unique passions and purpose – all while forging lifelong friendships with students from around the globe.

Frequently Asked Boarding Questions

What are TASIS boarders like? 

Our aim is for our boarders to be sociable, mature, courteous, and active students who enjoy being part of a unique boarding community. While we seek academically able students, variety of personality is one of the great strengths of the boarding experience. TASIS boarders tend to be students who contribute to school life by taking an active approach in their learning and their community.

What is the food like at TASIS?

There is a hot breakfast offered every morning, except Saturday, which is continental as well as choices of different types of cereals, fruit, and toast. Lunch and dinner offer hot and cold options, vegetarian dishes, and an extensive salad bar. Fresh fruit is available at each meal, and desserts are served at each dinner and twice during the week at lunch. Our international range of meals offers Western, Asian, and European cuisine to suit all palates.

An on-campus café sells Starbucks coffees and an extensive range of hot and cold snacks, such as sushi and cold drinks. There are also many popular local restaurants that deliver to the school.

Do I have to attend all the meals? 

All meals are compulsory. All boarders have breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the dining room together. Throughout the year, themed community meals such as Mexican night, Italian night, barbeques, and Chinese meals take place. These are popular events and students can get involved in the cooking and planning of themed nights with the help of the Deputy Head of Boarding.

Can I choose my room or my dormitory? 

We allocate new students to dormitories and to rooms based on our experience and on the best educational interests of students. Boarders are expected to stay in these dormitories and rooms for the year. In May, returning boarding students have the option to choose a roommate and a dormitory for the following year.

How many students occupy a room? 

There are generally two students to a room, and certain rooms have three.

Do I need pocket money?

Boarding students can collect pocket money from the Business Office on Thursdays. Parents should ensure that student pocket money accounts are maintained, and students must seek permission from the Head or Deputy Head of Boarding if they wish to take out extra money.

Where do I keep valuables? 

Students must give their passports and travel permits to the Travel Office for safekeeping upon arrival. Each student also has a cupboard with a lock. We recommend valuable items are not brought to school, but when they are these items must be securely stored.

Is bedding provided?

Yes. All duvets, pillows, and bedding are provided and washed by the School. However, you may bring your own bedding if you prefer.

How I do my laundry? 

The School washes bed linen each week. Most dorms have separate laundry facilities or access to the main facility, and there is also a professional laundry service available at an extra cost.

Do I need a mobile phone? 

Yes, boarding students must have a working mobile phone and must give their numbers to the boarding team. Mobile phones are not permitted in class lessons, during meals, in study hall, or after lights out.

When and where do I study? 

Each student must do school work during evening study hall at their desks or in the dining room or library. Teachers on duty in the evening are available to assist with questions. Study Hall takes place Sunday through Thursday from 7:15 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Students who are new to TASIS are first placed into a supervised study hall in order to evaluate their self-discipline and study habits before they are granted the privilege of studying in their rooms.

Is there a School uniform?

Yes. There are winter and summer uniforms, and students must follow the guidelines.

What if I need to buy something?

There is a post office and shop within a short walking distance, and during the week, students have free time when they are allowed to visit the local shops in Staines. A shuttle bus to Staines is provided every weekend to transfer students to the local shops/cinema and back.

What happens on the weekends? 

We offer a full boarding program, which includes many exciting weekend activities and trips. The School offers a program of trips designed to appeal to a wide variety of boarders. Examples include visits to Brighton, Windsor, bowling, swimming, trips to London to the theatres along with weekend trips to places such as Edinburgh, Milan, Barcelona, and Edinburgh. Students may also set up their own activities through the GO CAT Program (Go Out and Create A Trip), and the School will pay for the tickets and transportation. GO CAT activities must first be approved by the Student Activities Coordinator.

We expect students to take part in this program, as we believe that enjoying London and England and having fun and memorable experiences are an important aspect of boarding life at TASIS. On an occasional basis, a student may check out from campus for the weekend to see family or friends.
On the very first weekend of each academic year, all boarding students are required take part in a weekend trip with their year group. 

Is there an airport transfer service? 

Transport to Heathrow airport is provided up to 24 hours after the last lesson before major holidays such as Christmas, February, Easter, and summer holidays. Outside of these times, boarders must arrange their own transport

Is the School open over the holidays?

The School is closed during the holidays in October, over Christmas, February, Easter, and Summer break. Trips are offered during the October and February holidays, and the boarding office organizes many day and weekend travel trips for boarders throughout the academic year.

When may boarders leave for the holidays?

Boarders must attend all of their lessons and may leave on the designated date after their last lesson. The dormitories are generally open one day after the end of the final lesson or exam, and transport to Heathrow airport is provided. Outside of these times boarders must arrange their own transport.
When do boarders have to return after the holidays? 
 Boarders must be in their Dorm before 7 p.m. the day before classes begin. Students must arrange their own transport back to school.

How does a student check out from campus on the weekend?

A student may leave campus from Friday at 15:30 p.m. to Sunday at 19:00 p.m. if the following conditions are followed:

  • Weekend checkout online permission must be submitted by 4 p.m. on the Wednesday before the weekend.
  • The host responsible must be at least 25 years old.
  • The School must receive an email or phone call from the host as an invitation, and an email from the student’s parent to support the overnight request.

What happens if a student needs to check out on a weeknight?

Occasionally a student may have visitors on a weeknight and is required to miss study hall. An online application must be submitted in order to be excused from study hall and must be approved by the Head or Deputy Head of Boarding.

Information for Parents

How do I arrange a visit to the School and my child’s dorm?
Please call the Head of Boarding (+44 1932 582 326) to arrange a visit. 

How do I monitor my child’s academic performance?
Academic progress can be monitored on the LMS (online grade book) to which parents will have direct access through a Login and password. This information is sent early in the academic year.

How do I monitor my child’s personal wellbeing?
The Head and Deputy Head of Boarding are the main points of contact for boarding related issues. Dorm Parents also play an important role in your child’s life, and they will write within the first few weeks of the start of the year to introduce themselves.
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