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Eighth Grade Students Learn Preamble to the United States Constitution
Posted 15/01/2015 03:05PM

Eighth grade students in Mr. Hudgens’ class have been studying the United States Constitution in History class.

In today's world, it is more important than ever to understand our basic freedoms and how our government works. A careful study of the Constitution is therefore necessary for students who take American History. The Preamble to this document provides the reasons why the Constitution was written. By analyzing the Preamble students gain insights into what the Founding Fathers of the United States hoped to achieve: a government that provides its citizens the opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

After analyzing the meaning of the Preamble, the students went a step further and memorized it, to lock it into their brains. Although it was challenging to stand in front of classmates and recite the document from memory, Mr. Hudgens believes memorization is a valuable skill to hone as well as assisting with cognitive function in the classroom. “Practicing memorization techniques helps make students stronger academically and learning to face a crowd early in life will be useful in adulthood when called upon to speak at any number of occasions that crop up in life.” 

Students had lots of fun learning and reciting the Preamble and some even chose to sing it!



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