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Students Investigate the Kidney and Urinary Filtration System
Posted 15/01/2015 02:39PM

Second grade students discover the functioning of body systems, specifically in digestion and excretion by designing models.

Ms. Railey, lower school science teacher, challenged students to use basic materials such as water bottles, filters, and funnels to design and build functioning models of the kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder, and urethra.  

Students were put into teams and decided on a design for their urinary system model. Once each group had completed the task, they poured red colored water to represent blood into the ‘kidneys’ and watched the filtration system separate the red dye out of the water in the tray below.

After the experiment, students were able to describe the difference between removal of liquid and solid wastes from the body. The group also learned that the kidneys filter approximately 170 litres of plasma each day with approximately 1 litre of water excreted through the urethra. 

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