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Middle School Students Succeed in Singapore at The World Scholar's Cup
Posted 02/10/2014 03:28PM

By Middle School Students:

Thomas S., Soham S., Ben W., Chloe W., and Anna K.

This summer, six TASIS England students visited Singapore to compete in the World Scholar’s Cup (or WSC). The WSC is a four day academic competition that, this year, attracted over 2400 students from 40 different countries. It started on 24 June and concluded on 27 June.

TASIS’ delegation was composed of Ben W., Chloe W., Anna K., Soham S., Thomas S., and Tad M. All six students studied vigorously for the competition. The study topics were Social Sciences, Literature, Art, Music, History, and Science. The competition itself was divided into four events and two divisions: Debate, The Challenge (a 120 question long written test,) The Scholar’s Bowl (a multiple-round team clicker quiz,) and Collaborative Writing (an essay where you collaborate at the beginning and end with your teammates). Meanwhile, the students attending the WSC were split up into two divisions, Junior (for Middle school students,) and Senior (for high school students.) All six of the TASIS students were competing in the Junior Round, which was made up of 1200 students.  

Students came away with many accolades, including Honorable mentions in The Challenge event and scored in the top 1% and 25% in two different subjects, they received 7th place in the Scholar’s Bowl clicker quiz, and 12th place in Collaborative Writing out of 400 teams in the junior division. Due to the excellent results, students have been invited to go to the ‘Tournament of Champions’ event held at Yale University in November. Good luck team!

Student comments:

Thomas: “The feeling of sitting in a room with 2400 other scholars from 40 different countries was incredible. And the shock and joy of having your name up on the board during the Awards Ceremony was indescribable.”

Chloe: “Overall, the WSC was an overwhelming and fun experience. All the events were fun, and they were coupled with fun activities, such as the Night Safari.”

Soham: “I feel that the World Scholar’s Cup was a good experience to take with me to later years. Personally, I enjoyed the debates the most. I felt that the debates were great for my research skills. I had to get a certain amount of information in fifteen minutes that usually takes me many days.”

Ben: “The World Scholar’s Cup was an amazing experience. The global round was obviously harder, but that made it feel better to win. I’ll do it again next year.”

Anna: “The WSC was very time-consuming and required a lot of dedication, but the satisfaction of knowing that out of 400 teams, yours came in 12th of all of them made it completely worth it!”



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