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Students Reflect and Give Thanks
Posted 08/12/2016 11:01AM

Students share inspiring words and thoughts as part of a Personal, Social, Health, and Economic Education (PSHEE) activity.

Led by Middle School Counselor Mrs. Lobner, students were asked to answer two questions: "What am I thankful for?" and "What can I do to be the change I want to see in the world?" 

Students discussed their answers during advisory, when they were encouraged to share their ideas and to support each other during this season of reflection and thanksgiving.

The students’ replies included:

I can be the change I want to see in the world by ...

"not talking about what a good man ought to be, but by being one."

"compliment people when they do something nice and smile more!"

"not use plastic bags at the grocery store and bring more own bags."

"I can be a history teacher ... teach children the effects of war and how not to repeat the bad stuff. A good teacher majorly impacts a student's life."

"help children with special needs."

"not compromising myself for other people. You need to be you—not what others tell you to be."

"working hard to get good grades to get a job teaching others."

I am I thankful for ...

"visiting home over Christmas break."

"having such a great last year at TASIS and for having friends that are supportive of me throughout my move."

"TASIS for shaping me into who I am today."

"the opportunity for an excellent education."

"having the experience of traveling."

"my loving family and my fluffy dog."

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