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Our Community

Student life for middle and upper school students includes a wide range of after-school and weekend activities, both on and off campus. TASIS England’s beautiful 46-acre campus in Thorpe, Surrey provides the perfect setting for learning about, and exploring, the world. Learning extends beyond the classroom with travel opportunities during the October and February breaks. Options include chaperoned trips to such destinations such as Greece, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, are available. 

For our boarding community, regular trips to West End Theatre productions, concerts, sports event, and shopping distracts ensure that students are able to take full advantage of the School's proximity to London, widely believed to be the cultural capital of the English-speaking world.

The TASIS England Parent Association (TPA) is integral to TASIS England’s parent community, bringing families together through social events held throughout the year. 


Main Events

TPA Key Programs

The TASIS England Parent Association (TPA) is a group of volunteer parents working together to promote close relationships within the school community and to facilitate communication between the parents, students, faculty, staff, and administration. The TPA play a vital part in supporting students and families during their transition to life in the UK and  throughout their their onward learning journeys at TASIS.



Great environment for family oriented students. Welcoming community not just for the kids but also for expats TASIS Parent