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November Spotlight on Service: Mr. McGregor Dallas
November Spotlight on Service: Mr. McGregor Dallas

This month’s Spotlight on Service features TASIS Biology teacher Mr. McGregor Dallas. Upper School Service Ambassador Emily talks with Mr. McGregor Dallas about his advocacy for men’s health through his involvement in Movember.

Emily: Could you tell everyone a little bit about what Movember is?

Mr Dallas: Movember is a charity centered around raising awareness about men’s health issues. It was started in 2003 by a group of Australians to support their friend with prostate cancer in raising money for his treatment, and the movement has only grown since then. 

Emily: Why did you first get involved in it, and for how long have you been involved?

Mr Dallas: My uncle passed away from prostate cancer 10 years ago, so the issue is very close to my heart. I have been doing my own fundraising for seven years. I started online fundraising with members of my old lacrosse club and brought Movember to TASIS once I came here. 

Emily: What is your favorite part of doing service work?

Mr Dallas: I love Movember in particular because it is one of the only times that men are encouraged to talk about topics they don’t usually talk about—such as their own health. For example, Movember also raises awareness of breast cancer in men, which is a big killer. Doing Movember in a school means that I get to help children realize from a young age that no health topic should be avoided in discussions. 

Emily: What are your plans for this month’s Movember?

Mr Dallas: Beginning on November 25, I will offer each grade in the Upper School the opportunity to raise money until December 2. I will dye my mustache the Class color of the grade who raises the most money: 9th Grade: White, 10th Grade: Green, 11th Grade: Red, 12th Grade: Purple. Those who donate have the opportunity to put their names in a raffle to shave off my mustache at the end of the fundraising initiative.


Link to Mr. Dallas’s fundraising website:
Mr. Dallas has raised over £1,250 since 2013.
Please help by donating to this worthy cause!