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Fourth Grade Gingerbread Project
Fourth Grade Gingerbread Project
Students have created two gingerbread houses using cross-curricular learning and will raffle the houses this week with proceeds donated to Save the Children, Alzheimers UK and Surrey Wildlife Trust.

During the month of December, students in fourth grade have been participating in a “projects-based” approach to learning. Many subject areas were integrated and connected, with the culminating product being a large gingerbread house.

Mrs. Corsini and Mr. Orlano used several curricular objectives and aims for the project including, Math, Science, and Language Arts.

Students used concepts currently being studied in Math in Focus for gingerbread word problems with mean, median, mode, and range. Fractions, mixed numbers, and capacity measurements were used for measuring ingredients, and they calculated a budget for the groceries.

Did you know that you need to use chemistry while baking? A chemical change happened to the gingerbread while it cooked! The baking soda reacted with the acidic molasses to help the bread rise. Students could see the concepts they have been learning in science.

Both classes incorporated vocabulary from their weekly spelling lists, expressive objectives, similes and metaphors, and imagery while describing the finished product. In addition to meeting curricular objectives, the group learned collaboration and teamwork and to have plenty of fun while learning!

The gingerbread house will be raffled this week in both classes and the proceeds will be donated to Save the Children, Alzheimers UK and Surrey Wildlife Trust in the New Year. The winner from each class will take the festive gingerbread house home.