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Four Plays From Syria and Eygpt
Upper school students seek to understand current events in the Middle East through the lens of drama and history.

              IB Students rehearsing

Student performances of Syrian and Egyptian plays recently offered compelling insight into cultures rarely represented on western stages.

Upper school Drama teacher, Mr. Harris, commented: "We looked at plays from the Arab world in order to study how theatre is a reflection of the community, culture, mores and time from which it originates. Written before the recent events now called Arab Spring, they foreshadow the explosive events we see or have seen happening in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Bahrain, Yemen and Libya— making this night highly relevant.”

Each play was thirty minutes long and featured simple sets and costumes. Students from Intro to Acting, Theatre Arts, and International Baccalaureate classes took part, with student assistance in directing.

The plays from Syria included, The Kings Elephant, and The Glass Cafe. Representing the Egyptian were, The Coffee Bar and Men Have Heads.