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Private Music Lessons FAQ

How do I register for music lessons at TASIS?

Please send an email to to register your child for lessons.

Who can take private instrumental lessons at TASIS?

All students in Kindergarten and up are welcome to enrol in private music lessons at TASIS. 

How long are the lessons, and how many lessons are there in a semester?

Lessons are usually 30 minutes. Students may opt for a 45 minute lessons, schedule permitting. 12 lessons are given in each semester. 

Who teaches the lessons?

Most of the private lessons are taught by self-employed music teachers who work at the school between one and four days per week. Lessons are also taught by members of the Music Department faculty.

Can my child have a lesson during the school day?

Upper and Middle School students can have an instrumental lesson during a study hall or a lunch period, schedule permitting. Students in Lower School may only have a lesson during the school day with permission from their classroom teacher, and this lesson must take place during the lunch recess period. All other music lessons will be scheduled after school, Monday to Thursday.

Can Lower School students stay after school for music lessons?

Yes, however, no supervision is provided. If your child’s lesson is at 3:15 they will need to be collected directly after the lesson, unless they are involved in an after-school club. Students with lessons commencing from 3:45pm onwards, will need to be collected from school and taken to their lesson.

How is the scheduling done?

Lessons are scheduled primarily on a first-come first-served basis. We will search your child’s schedule to find the best possible time slot and instructor. Wherever possible, students will be kept with the same instructor year on year, unless a change is requested.

Do you offer lessons on a trial basis?

Lessons are offered in semester blocks of 12 lessons, not on a trial basis. We believe 12 lessons is a good amount of time to decide the best fit for your child.

What happens if my child misses a lesson?

Lessons missed by the student, for any reason, are not refundable and cannot be made up at a later date. Where there may be a schedule clash, if ample notice is given, the teacher may be able to offer an alternative time. As our visiting music teachers are also professional musicians, there may be a week when your child does not have a lesson. The teacher will communicate this directly to you. Likewise, if the teacher is sick, the lesson will take place at a later date.

Can I reschedule my child's lesson time when sports and activities change?

Music lessons run for the whole semester, rather than in trimesters. Therefore, the lesson time cannot be changed during the semester. If you wish to reschedule or cancel your child's music lesson, we ask for 6 weeks notice before the Second Semester begins.

Is there a notice period if I wish to terminate lessons?

Lessons are payable by the semester (12 lessons). If you wish to terminate lessons, please write to the teacher directly at least six weeks prior to the beginning of the Second Semester. Refunds will not be given for part of a semester. Re-enrollment for the next academic year commences in June.

How can I make a payment?

The teacher will send you an invoice directly, with details of how to pay. 

Where is the best place to buy or rent an instrument?

For pianos, we recommend:

Sheargold’s Music (Cobham) 01932 866577

For woodwind instruments:

Dawkes Music (Maidenhead) 01628 630800

For strings, sheet music, and accessories:

Caswells Strings 01280 707140

Brittens Music (West Byfleet) 01932 351165

Why learn a musical instrument?

Aside from being fun and creative, there is much evidence to suggest that playing a musical instrument improves learning and overall well-being. Learning an instrument can improve coordination, self-discipline as well as increasing comprehension and math skills. Music is the only activity that engages both sides of the brain!                       

How can I help my child get the most out of their music lessons?

You don’t need to be musical to help your child. To make the most of their lessons, positive encouragement and support are vital to your child’s progress. Establishing a relationship with the teacher and encouraging regular practice will play a key role in long-term success. 

Further questions?

If you have any other questions or need more information, please contact:

Andrea Morris
Private Music Lessons Coordinator