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“A love of the arts and performing arts is the heart and soul of education, for it grows throughout our entire lifetime, keeping alive the excitement of learning.” – TASIS England Founder, Mrs. M. Crist Fleming

Music plays a vital role in life at TASIS England and our Music department faculty is inclusive and welcoming while pursuing excellence and nurturing talent.

On our beautiful Surrey campus near London, students have the opportunity to learn a wide variety of instruments and can further their passion for music through our orchestra, ensembles, bands, and choirs.

The Music department is supported by a dedicated team of ten instrumental and vocal specialists, teaching over 140 private music lessons each week. Students have the opportunity, and are actively encouraged, to take ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) practical and theoretical exams at TASIS England every year.

Regular performances

Students of all ages demonstrate their developing skills and talents in regular performance opportunities including assemblies, choral and instrumental concerts, recitals, and seasonal performances. Performance ensembles include Lower School String Ensemble, Middle School Choir and Band, Upper School Band, Upper School Chamber Ensemble, and an All-TASIS String Orchestra.

Other courses in the arts program

TASIS England offers an extensive range of visual and performing arts courses to our students. Our students communicate and connect through music and collaborative art and theatre projects.

IB Music

IB Music explores the creation and performance of music in a variety of contexts. As students acquire, develop, and experiment with musical competencies through a range of practices, conventions, and forms of expression, they will evaluate and develop critical perspectives on their own music and the work of others. IB Music is an enriching and valuable course of study that provides an appropriate foundation for further study in music at university level or in music career pathways.

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We are incredibly proud of our extensive Arts courses. TASIS England has beautiful, modern facilities to support the Arts programs on our 46-acre campus in Surrey, near London. 

The School hosts many student music recitals and concerts, theatre productions, and art and photography exhibitions during the school year.

The TASIS Arts department is unique: it is primarily process-driven, with the underlying value that the process outweighs the final piece or performance. This aligns with the core TASIS England value of nurturing the holistic development of each child - ultimately encouraging them to become lifelong learners.

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The Music department faculty believes in an inclusive approach, which never compromises the pursuit of excellence.

TASIS England Music Department