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Film is both an artistic and academic subject that has grown rapidly in popularity at TASIS England in recent years. It is fostered through our aligned film curriculum from 7th Grade through 12th Grade.

Our vision is to inspire, excite, and educate students about the language of film, and embolden them to create their own films as well as deconstruct the signs, themes, and ideas behind classic and contemporary works of cinema. Filmmaking is a uniquely collaborative discipline, offering students a superb opportunity for personal character growth in the areas of organization, planning, assertive leadership, positive communication, learning through failure, team dynamics, and personal reflection. Lastly, we consider a film to be a cultural artefact; therefore, by studying a film academically, we can discover valuable insights about the culture that created it, allowing students to grow in their understanding of a range of subjects, such as history, economics, politics, faith, psychology, and race, allowing students to grow in international-mindedness.

Our courses give students access to a superb range of professional filming equipment and make use of our iMac and MacBook Pro editing suites.